For too long children and youth have been seen as the passive recipients of an adult world.

Freechild connects young people and adults to the tools, training, and technical assistance they need to create new roles for young people throughout society.

  • Issues Learn why young people are changing the world.

  • Special Resources Find tools young people use to change the world.

  • Training Build knowledge and skills in your community, organization, or event.

  • Technical Assistance Get expert advice and connections you and your organization needs.

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New Roles for Young People

Youth as Activists

Youth as Researchers

Youth as Artists

Youth as Homeschoolers

Youth as Unschoolers

Youth as Community Leaders

Youth as Worldwide Leaders

Youth as Media-makers

Youth as School System Decision-makers (offsite)

Youth as Service Learning Leaders

Youth as Community Planners

Youth as Government Board Members

Youth as International Decision-Makers

Youth as Librarians

Youth as Local Government Agency Staff

Youth as Nonprofit Board Members

Youth as Philanthropists and Youth as Grantmakers

Young Women as Activists

Youth as Advisory Council Members

Youth in Intergenerational Partnerships

Youth as Classroom Teachers (offsite)

Youth as Education Advocates (offsite)

Youth as Education Planners (offsite)

Youth as Education Reformers (offsite)

Youth as Education Researchers (offsite)

Youth as Learning Evaluators (offsite)

Youth as School Activists (offsite)

Youth as Facilitators
Youth as Researchers
Youth as Planners
Youth as Organizers
Youth as Decision-Makers
Youth as Advocates
Youth as Evaluators
Youth as Specialists
Social entrepreneurs
Paid staff
Decision makers
Activity Leaders
Policy makers


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